Multifunktionstankar MWT

  • Solar collector 10 or 15 meters
  • The tank has 2 number 20 +20 meters DHW coils.
  • Electric heater 3kW
  • Connector for additional immersion heater
  • Very well insulated
  • Suitable for all heat sources
  • 1/2 R50 sockets for electric heater
  • Tank in stainless steel
  • 1 ”connections

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By connecting an ES air/water heat pump to an ES Multi Function tank MWT 300.4 or 500.4 MWT the customer has a very modern energy systems, where the ES Multi functional tanks becomes the central hub for a modern heating system.

The tank’s dual domestic hot coils, totaling 40 m, the customer gets a very cost-effective heating system that includes both domestic hot water and domestic heating. An existing boiler can be used as supplementary backup using the multifunction tank provides multiple connection options.

Future-proofed energy

Through all possible combinations becomes ES multi tank technology is the future-proof energy efficient solution:

  • Prepared tank for solar heating via pre-assembled solar coils.
  • Prepared for existing and future energy efficient heat sources through numerous connection possibilities in the tank.
  • Designed with the latest technology and all tanks are very well insulated to provide maximum energy savings

Thermostatically controlled immersion heater

Multi-functional tank has a thermostatically controlled immersion heater of 3 kW marketing from 30-75°C, which increases DHW temperature.

The electric heater placement in top of tank allows it to operate independently of other heat sources connected to the tank and is a backup supply that has the function to ensure that the temperature at the top of the tank is high enough to deliver higher temperature domestic hot water.

  MWT 300.4 – 3 H MWT 500.4 – 3 H
Volume 300 L 500 L
Solar coil capacity 16,3 kW 17,9 kW
Electric element 3 kW 3 kW

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