Air/Water heat pump AWT V5

  • Energiklass A++
  • Simple installation
  • 9, 11 or 13 kW heat pump output
  • 1,5 + 3 + 3 kW electrical back-up
  • Automatically back-up
  • Heat pump function down to -25°C
  • Reasonable investment + high efficiency = short return on investment
  • Nano-coated evaporator
  • Integrated solution with tank for heating/cooling and domestic hot water

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The AWT-V5+ series is made for replacing an existing heat source, installed in a new house or for converting an direct-electric heated house to comfortable waterborne heating, together with ES slim fan coils.

It´s a total system for heating you house and for production of domestic hot water. The design of the indoor unit will blend in perfectly in most modern homes and it uses only 60x65 cm of floor space. All connections to the heating system is located on the top.

2 parts – a complete solution

The indoor unit contains of a 250 liter water tank, control system, heat exchanger, circulation pump, and electric heaters – an entire heat solution. The outdoor unit houses a heat exchanger, compressor and a fan. The indoor and outdoor unit is connected with refrigerant piping.

The split-system means that only the refrigerant circulates outdoors, which is an effective and reliable solution in the Nordic climate. This reduces the risk for frost damage.

  9 kW 11 kW 13 kW
Maximum heating output 16,5 kW 18,5 kW 20,5 kW
Power consumption heat pump 900-2800 W 915-3030 W 930-3230 W

Are you unsure what power you require for your heat pump? Calculate your energy consumption.

System power needs:
(3 x 230V/50Hz 16A/1-fas + 1 x 230V/50Hz 10A/1-fas) or
(230V/50Hz 25A/3-fas + 1 x 230V/50Hz 10A/1-fas) or
(400V/50Hz 16A/3-fas + 1 x 230V/50Hz 10A/1-fas)

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