Air/Water heat pump AWH V5

  • Energy label A++
  • Automatic start in case of a power failure
  • Heat pump operates in conditions of up to –25°C
  • Adjustable speed compressor from Panasonic
  • Reasonable price and short payback period
  • Nano-coated evaporator
  • Dockable solution

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Save on your heating costs by adding the heat pump to your existing heating system. Do not throw away your old boiler save it as a peak demand backup reserve of a modernised system.

AWH has been designed for connecting to the existing heating devices; if necessary, the heater will support the heat pump. The design of the indoor unit is stylish and compact, which makes it easy to install to limited space. The indoor unit is equipped with a circulation pump, heat exchanger and heat pump control system.

The split system with complete winter equipment means that the heat exchange process with the building’s heating system takes place indoors and only the refrigerant circulates outdoors. This is an effective and reliable solution in our Nordic climate. Thanks to the inverter control, the heat pump automatically switches to optimal power to satisfy your heating demand, given the outdoor temperature.

The dockable solution means that the heat pump can be connected to the other heating device, which is capable of ful lling the heat demand alone.

  9 kW 11 kW 13 kW 20 kW
Max. Heating Capacity (1) 10,10 11,5 12,6 20,2
Max. Cooling Capacity(3) 6,84 9,2 10,3 12,6
Max. Heating Capacity(2) 9,53 10,7 11,5 19,06
Heating Power Input Min./Max.(1) 975/2153 915/3029 926/3072 1950/4300
Heating power input Min./Max.(2) 1230/ 2990 1218/3624 1267/3723 2460/5980

Are you unsure what power you require for your heat pump? Calculate your energy consumption.

(1) Heating condition: water inlet/outlet temperature: 30 °C/35°C, Ambient temperature: DB 7 °C /WB 6 °C
(2) Heating condition: water inlet/outlet temperature: 40°C/45°C, Ambient temperature: DB 7 °C /WB 6 °C
(3) Cooling condition: water inlet/outlet temperature: 23°C/18 °C, Ambient temperature: DB 35 °C /WB24 °C

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