AA 5,5 Performance Heat Pump

  • Energy label A++
  • High performance air/air heat pump
  • Developed for the Nordic climate
  • Modern and neutral design

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Details and components are specifically designed for the tough Nordic climate. AA 5.5 Performance is the heat pump that delivers plenty of warmth and provides significant cost savings during the whole heating season and when it is coldest outdoors. The heat pump has a high-performance variable-speed compressor and is also equipped with the very latest technology in heat pump field.

AA 5.5 Performance of the ES has a variable speed compressor that automatically adjusts the output when the heat demand changes. Defrosting is done automatically and is upon demand. The energy efficiency is very high a high, just like the cost saving.

Very high SCOP

SCOP or seasonal performance efficiency belongs to top of the class. The SCOP is a way of showing how effective the heat pump is in heating mode in all over Europe. There are three different climate zones in Europe according to the testing and accordingly three different SCOP-data, so be sure that you check the SCOP to your climate zone.The Nordic countries belong to the cold climate (cold/C), apart from Denmark belonging average climate (average /A).

Large parts of eastern are also in the cold climate zone. Ireland is in the warm climate zone. Seasonal efficiency gives an idea of the heat pump’s efficiency over the entire heating season with varying outdoor temperatures and is an important parameter for the purchase of a heat pump. AA 5.5 Performance has SCOP A of 4.7 and SCOP C 3.7. In practice this means that savings of this heat pump is extremely high, and few if any heat pumps has a shorter payback time


  AA 5,5 Performance
Maximum heating power max 5500 W
Maximum cooling power max 4000 W
SCOP 4,7 (A) / 3,7 (C)
Total power consumption – heating min 120/ max 1400 W
Total power consumption – cooling min 120/ max 1400 W

Are you unsure what power you require for your heat pump? Calculate your energy consumption.

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